The Sidewalk Management Software allows you to quantify and prioritize your sidewalk rehabilitation work.

Features of the software include:

  • uses your material costs to calculate replacement cost of specific areas or entire sidewalk network
  • filter and sort list of sidewalks by any field(s)
  • calculates overall rating for each sidewalk section based on your defect weighting factors
  • calculates length, volumes replacement costs of entire or any selected parts of the sidewalk list
  • allows sidewalk volume calculation to use thicker concrete under residential, commercial, or industrial driveways
  • allows updating, deleting, or addition of inventory or assessment items.  All data is historically stored even if the issue has been resolved or a new assessment record has been created. (provides a history of due diligence)
  • modify/print/save/reuse sidewalk grid list producing customized lists using built in report generator
  • Standard and user defined reports using Crystal Reports
  • copy any portion of sidewalk list to clipboard and paste into an Excel spreadsheet
  • the GIS layer is linked directly to sidewalk database

Data from Inventory and Condition Assessment is displayed on a GIS layer.  The data when shown with different colors and symbols can provide a very convenient visual interpretation of the condition.  When used with GIS software you can then overlay roads, waterlines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers and/or property fabric, providing a convenient way to track all city assets.
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