Our sidewalk Inventory and Condition Assessment Survey is the best way to assess all of your sidewalks. Our sidewalk Inventory and Assessment survey is completely based on your needs; we collect standard and customize data that you find useful. The data acquisition is accomplished using custom software on a tablet computer equipped with GPS. We also collect GPS data for sidewalk maps and locations of defects for use with our software.  This survey can be integrated with ortho-photography, or other geographical information using standard GIS software. Contact us now to have a full sidewalk Inventory and Assessment completed for your city!

Typical Inventory and Assessment Sidewalk data collected includes:

  • street name
  • to and from streets
  • side of the street
  • length and width of sidewalk
  • if there are convenience ramps and integrated curbs
  • number of residential, commercial and industrial driveways
  • GPS location

Typical Sidewalk Inventory and Condition Assessment data includes:

  • surface spall
  • panel settlement
  • panel cracking
  • appearance
  • joint deflections
  • details on spot repairs including type of repair required
  • overall sidewalk rating

How often should a sidewalk Inventory and Condition Assessment survey be completed?  We recommend every 2-3 years depending on how fast your sidewalk conditions change/deteriorate.  Progressive clients have chosen to reduce their lawsuits from trip and fall claims by reviewing their sidewalks every year.  It is understood that the value of the updated records of sidewalk repairs is due diligence that will save money in the end.
Sidewalk Inventory and Condition Assessment survey is the first step in determining where to spend limited dollars on sidewalk rehabilitation.  With the assessment data, sidewalk rehabilitation can be prioritized.  That’s were you need the assistance of Sidewalk Plus Management software!