Trip hazard removal by cutting is the least expensive technique and should be the first option utilized by cities for sidewalk trip hazard removal.  Sidewalks Plus is the only company with a patented, precision guided diamond blade, sidewalk trip hazard cutting machine. Sidewalks Plus is therefore the only company in North America that can produce a perfect ramp on every cut to ADA Standards.  Our trained sidewalk trip hazard cutters are equipped to handle even the hardest to reach areas.  Our patented process of trip hazard removal is the least expensive sidewalk rehabilitation technique, saving cities significant costs while improving sidewalk infrastructure.

  • Avoid costly sidewalk replacement
  • Pedestrian safety by tapering in joint deflections on sidewalks
  • Meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for  slope requirements
  • Demonstrates due diligence against liability and law suits
  • Perfectly cut ramps significantly reduces trips and falls
  • Most cost effective sidewalk rehabilitation method
  • Environmentally saves CO2 emission from new concrete pouring
  • Patented tractor mounted cutter cleanly and quickly removes a slice of concrete
  • Leaves a flush, flat, groove free surface
  • Normal 1:8 pitch slope (or optionally down to 1:12)
  • Edge to edge cut completely eliminating the hazard
  • Well below OSHA requirements for airborne silica dust


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Wet cutting of sidewalk trip hazards is by far the best way to eliminate airborne silica dust. Our machines have been tested and meet OHSA requirements for airborne silica dust. We pride ourselves in eliminating this hazard for our own workers as well as the general public.