In 2002, the company was started by its President, Leo Denys. At that time and until June 2012, he also held a staff position with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent Ontario (population 110,000), as the General Manager of Infrastructure and Engineering.

Since inception the company has completed approximately 50 sidewalk Inventory and Assessment projects, for municipalities across Canada.  All of these projects included the supply of the Sidewalk Management software to facilitate the easy reporting, updating and Management of the sidewalk data.  The database delivered is an ODBC Personal geodatabase, which has the shape attributes of the sidewalks and spot repairs in the database.  This allows the direct implementation of ESRI ArcMap to view the data and other applications such as Hansen to be mapped into the database.

Since inception the company has removed approximately 150,000 trip hazards for approximately 100 municipalities across Canada and the USA.  We utilize fleet of small tractors to power our patented cutters which utilizes a large diameter blade to slice off the concrete trip hazards.  Because the cutter is mechanically guided and water cooled, every cut is perfectly flat, flush with the adjacent panel, at the exact prescribed angle and dust free.